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Recreational Gymnastics

Ages 5+

Is your child aged 5 or older and filled with boundless energy and enthusiasm?

Transform their energy into something incredible with Coast Elite Gymnastics!

Our Recreational Gymnastics Program is tailored for ages 5 and up, offering a fantastic opportunity to:

  • Enhance physical strength and coordination

  • Boost confidence through skill mastery

  • Foster teamwork and lasting friendships

  • Develop mental resilience and determination


Witness your child's joy and growth as they embark on a journey of fun and fitness through gymnastics!

Why Recreational Gymnastics at Coast Elite?

Rec Stripe Skill Lists





Our program is split into different colored categories depending on the skills our athletes can do!  Check out our different colored striped lists and the skills associated with each level to familiarize yourself with what each child is shooting for!




Enroll your child in our recreational gymnastics program today, and witness the numerous physical, emotional, and social benefits they'll gain from this exciting and rewarding sport!

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