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Auto Bill Run Dates                                           Session Dates

Session #1 12/25/2023                                                                     Dec 25th - Jan 20th 

        Gym Closed Dec 25th, and Jan 1st

Session #2 1/22/2024                                                                      Jan 22nd - Feb 17th

Session #3 2/19/2024                                                                      Feb 19th - Mar 16th

Session #4 3/18/2024                                                                      Mar 18th - Apr 13th

Session #5 4/15/2024                                                                      Apr 15th - May 11th

Session #6 5/13/2024                                                                      May 13th - June 8th

          Gym Closed Memorial Day

Session #7 6/10/2024                                                                     June 10th - July 6th

        Gym Closed July 4th

Session #8 7/8/2024                                                                       July 8th - Aug 3rd

Session #9 8/5/2024                                                                       Aug 5th - Aug 31st

Session #10 9/2/2024                                                                     Sept 2th- Sept 28th

        Gym Closed Labor Day

Session #11 9/30/2024                                                                    Sept 30th - Oct 26th

Session #12 10/28/2024                                                                 Oct 28th - Nov 23rd

        Gym Closed Halloween

Session #13 11/25/2024                                                             Nov 25th - Dec 21st.  
       Gym Closed Nov 28th - 30th


Four Week Sessions - Payments are due the first week of each session. A $25 late fee will be applied to any payment made after the first week. Team payment is due the first day of the session. If you do not want your auto bill to run you must pay BEFORE the auto bill run date. Any payment made after the first day will result in a $25 late fee.

Payment Schedule

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